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Use ReportGPT to elevate your productivity with the power of AI and experience the seamless creation of documents. With an intuitive interface, high-quality writing has never been easier.

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How it works

Transform the way you create reports with ReportGPT's streamlined process. Our platform bridges the gap between AI efficiency and human expertise, offering a step-by-step workflow that ensures quality and customization at every turn.

Start a New Document

Begin by signing up or logging into your ReportGPT account. Once you're in your dashboard, initiate a new document by providing a title and selecting the type of writing task you're undertaking. Whether it's an academic paper or a professional report, your adventure starts here.

Generate and Customize the Outline

After the initial setup, ReportGPT will present a suggested structure based on your task's specifics. Review and tailor this framework to your exact needs—add or remove sections, adjust chapter headings, and set your desired length to create a perfect blueprint for your document.

Generate and Customize Step by Step

With the structure in place, it's time to dive into content creation. Fill out a form detailing the requirements for each chapter, and allow our AI to generate a draft. Then, work through the chapters, utilizing AI assistance to refine and personalize your text, ensuring each portion of your document resonates with your voice and meets your standards.

Export Your Report

Once your document is finalized and polished to perfection, choose an export format that suits your submission requirements or personal preferences. With options for PDF, Word, LaTeX, or Markdown formats, you can seamlessly transition your document from the ReportGPT platform to its destination.

Streamline Your Document Writing with Cutting-Edge AI

ReportGPT revolutionizes your writing process with its exceptional AI-driven capabilities. Our platform boasts a multitude of features designed to elevate your writing, streamline your workflow, and save you time.

  • AI-Powered Writing Assistance

    Leverage cutting-edge AI technology to generate, review, and refine content, ensuring that your writing tasks are both efficient and of high quality.

  • Intuitive User Interface

    Enjoy a clean, easy-to-navigate interface that simplifies the complexities of document creation, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your content.

  • Customizable Document Structures

    Tailor your documents to your exact requirements with a flexible structure editor, offering a personalized framework for every writing task.

  • Versatile Writing Interface

    Engage with your document in a dynamic interface, complete with tools to aid in the writing, editing, and styling of your content to perfection.

  • Diverse Export Options

    Choose from a range of formats, including PDF, Word, LaTeX, or Markdown, to ensure your final document meets all submission guidelines and personal preferences.

  • Free Trial and Flexible Plans

    Experience the power of ReportGPT with a no-commitment free trial, or maximize the platform's potential by choosing a subscription tier that suits your needs, including a "Bring your own API Key" option for free access.

Flexible Pricing

ReportGPT offers a range of pricing options to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our users. We firmly believe that high-quality writing assistance should be accessible, so we've structured our plans to provide maximum value.

5 Tokens



Enought Tokens to try out the platform

Generate Documents Structures

Generate Chapters

30 Tokens



A few Tokens to generate ~3 Documents

Advanced Language Model (GPT-4)

Generate Document Structures

Generate Chapters

Support an Indie Developer ☕️

70 Tokens



More Tokens to have enough for ~7 entire Documents

Advanced Language Model (GPT-4)

Generate Document Structures

Generate Chapters

Support an Indie Developer 🍻

200 Tokens



Enough Tokens to write around 20 full Documents

Advanced Language Model (GPT-4)

Generate Document Structures

Generate Chapters

Support an Indie Developer 🍕

ReportGPT by the Numbers

ReportGPT has shown how AI can help you write faster and more efficiently. Our users have generated thousands of reports and saved countless hours.

  • 5'000+

    Reports Generated

  • 20'000+

    Hours Saved

  • 98%

    User Satisfaction

  • 3'000+

    Users Served

Use Cases

We've seen many use cases for our AI writing tools. Here are some of the most popular ones.

  • Research Paper Writing

    ReportGPT redefines research paper writing, offering customizable frameworks and efficient data management through form-driven inputs. Experience innovative writing interfaces ideal for academic and scientific papers, export options in multiple formats, and sophisticated AI assistance to enhance your research.

    Learn how to do better Research Paper Writing
  • Business Planning

    ReportGPT transforms your approach to business planning, offering customizable templates and seamless data integration through form-driven inputs. Experience versatile planning interfaces suitable for any type of business, export options in multiple formats, and advanced AI assistance to take your business plans to the next level.

    Learn how to do better Business Planning
  • Product Reviews and Comparisons

    ReportGPT revolutionizes product reviews and comparisons, offering advanced analysis tools and personalized input forms. Experience a new era of review writing with options for detailed comparisons, export in various formats, and AI assistance to provide insightful, unbiased evaluations.

    Learn how to do better Product Reviews and Comparisons
  • Technical Documentation

    ReportGPT elevates technical documentation, offering specialized templates and streamlined data integration through form-driven inputs. Experience advanced documentation interfaces designed for software manuals, API guides, and more, with export options in multiple formats and AI assistance to improve clarity and precision.

    Learn how to do better Technical Documentation
  • Grant and Proposal Writing

    ReportGPT simplifies the process of grant and proposal writing, offering tailored templates and efficient data organization through form-driven inputs. Experience a breakthrough in writing applications with customizable interfaces for any type of grant or proposal, export options in multiple formats, and AI assistance to craft compelling narratives.

    Learn how to do better Grant and Proposal Writing
  • Essay Writing

    ReportGPT revolutionizes the way you write, offering customizable structures and easy data entry through form-driven inputs. Experience versatile writing interfaces suitable for any document, export options in multiple formats, and the cutting-edge AI assistance that elevates your writing to new heights.

    Learn how to do better Essay Writing

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